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What’s this?

We showcase a few samples of German poetry with different pronunciations. They differ in their realization of enjambments. The realizations of the enjambments can be edited in a fine-grained way using our human-in-the-loop text-to-speech. Being able to edit specific realizations of phenomena without affecting anything else is an invaluable tool for literary studies.

What’s an enjambment? An enjambment occurs when the syntactic construction continues across the line break. (click here to learn more)

Audio Samples

All samples shown with a blueish background are synthetic. The voice used for generating the samples is based on Hanns Zischler’s recordings which come with the following copyright notice:

Florian Michel (Ton) und Hanns Zischler (Sprecher) im Auftrag des Deutschen Literaturarchivs Marbach (2020)